GameGuardian (GGuardian) APK Download v8.30.0 [Latest Version]

GameGuardian is one of the most demanded Android hacking tool available in the market. Don’t worry GameGuardian app or which is also known as GGuardian is completely free of cost to download + install + use on your Android device. Below you’ll find the latest version of the GameGuardian app in APK file to download for free.


The only thing you need to run the GameGuardian app is that root access on your Android smartphone. If your Android is still not rooted, you can try the KingRoot App which is popularly known as one click rooting app.

GameGuardian or GGuardian is a powerful value changing app. For example, on a game you have about 1000 coins, you can simply search for that 2000 value from the GGuardian app and replace it with any number or any number of coins. By following this simple method, you can hijack almost all of the Android games without changing codes or editing the source file of the app.

SB Game Hacker is the example of similar apps. But the problem with SB Game Hacker is that it rarely works on the latest Android versions. But I have personally tested the GameGuardian app on Android 7.1.1, and it worked without any issue.

The only thing you need to run the application is the root access. Without the root access, the GGuardian app is useless. So at first make sure that your device has the root access and then proceed to the download section.

Features of GameGuardian / GGuardian App

Just like the awesome name of the app, the layout of the app is also excellent. It’s easy to use, flexible, responsive and you can learn all of the settings less than an hour. The game has so many settings or ways to make the magic work but always go with option search and replace. It will take time to learn the advanced settings or options.

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  • GameGuardian app is free to download and use
  • It has a great and easy to learn layout
  • You can customize the visibility of the app icon
  • Just search for a value of an app or game and replace it with any number
  • Works on the latest version of Android
  • It’s Ads free
  • Lite in size

Download GameGuardian/ GGuardian APK Latest Version v8.30.0

The latest version of the GameGuardian APP v8.30.0 is now available to download from below in just a click. The app is also not available on Google Play Store, so downloading the APK file of the app is must if you want to use it. We have directly collected the app from the developer and published right after that. We haven’t even touched the app. If you find anything wrong with the app feel free to mention it in the comment space below.

To download the GameGuardian APK file, just hit the big download button added below and I’ll automatically start downloading the file on your device.


Once the download process completes, you can install the KingRoot APK app on your device and root your device in one click. Hence, this is an APK file you need to install it by enabling the Unknown sources installation option. The option can be found in settings> security.

Thanks for download GameGuardian/ GGuardian APK file from here. Check out other app posts, all are original APK file and available to download for free. If you face any problem with downloading or using the app on your device, feel free to mention it in the comment space below, our APK Hood team will fix it as soon as possible.

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The Best Value Changing App
GameGuardian is probably the best Android game/app value changing app which also works on the latest versions of Android. Just search for the value and replace it with any number, that's simple it is.

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